As a professional artist, floral designer, Melinda Roeleveld, owner of
Les Bouquets, expresses her expertise in design, color and harmony not only in her paintings, but in her love for floral design. Having lived in Europe for more than 15 years, Melinda fell in love with flowers. Coming home from the market each week with a large bunch of fresh tulips or ranunculas was normal.

"I am a people person, so creating beautiful bouquets and arrangements combines my love of art, flowers and people. I love this work and feel very fulfilled doing it."

Working with natural products is an amazing experience and our goal is to come up with a floral plan that fits each client's style, theme, personality and budget. Our aim is to listen to your desires and needs and to offer creative solutions. We have a very strong track record of going beyond our clients' expectations, we deliver on schedule and we believe in integrity and high ethical work standards.

We only take on several weddings each week in order to be able to give our undivided attention to each job at hand.

We offer Fair Trade flowers whenever possible and we believe in recycling, re-using containers, composting our floral scraps, buying locally and keeping the earth healthy. In other words, we are a Green Florist! If we could, we would be self-sustaining, but with no garden space, that makes it difficult.

We believe there is no end to the possibilites in floral design. Flowers are as diverse as all other aspects of God's creation, bringing beauty and joy to all.

Les Bouquets | phone: 636 346 4927 | e mail: lesbouquets@gmail.com